Two Forbury Place

Levolux recently made a successful return to the Forbury Place office development in Reading, as Number 2 Forbury Place was completed. It features an almost identical solar shading and screening solution to Number 1 Forbury Place.

Numbers One and Two Forbury Place are BREEAM ‘excellent’ rated developments, which represent a mirror image of each other. Both buildings benefit from horizontal, rectangular-shaped fins, applied to south-facing elevations.

Levolux’s Infiniti Fin system was again chosen to form rectangular fins, each measuring 150mm wide by 50mm thick. The horizontal fins are grouped into a series of vertical stacks that extend across each building.

Levolux also developed a series of project specific vertical fins, to be applied to east and west-facing elevations. Large rectangular-shaped fins, each measuring 550mm wide by 50mm thick, extend up to 33 metres, from ground to roof level. The upper and lower portion of some Fins, which are all fixed at 1.5 metre centres, have been twisted to complement the scheme.

A precise twist in each fin, which can be up to 180 degrees, starts and finishes at a different height as part of a co-ordinated pattern. The arrangement of twists creates a ‘ripple’ or ‘wave’ effect, which radiates out diagonally across each building.

The horizontal and vertical fins are secured back to the curtain walling using Levolux’s Triniti® bracket. The high-performance curtain walling bracket, with stainless steel fixings and a patented thermal break, provides excellent structural integrity. It also helps to prevent cold bridging and minimise noise transmission through the building envelope.

All horizontal, rectangular-shaped fins feature an attractive grey matt powder coating, while vertical fins are finished in two contrasting colours. A light grey finish on one side, is complemented by bronze on the other side and on both edges. The two colours become visible where fins are twisted.

Levolux’s Contour XL Louvres have been incorporated at roof level for both buildings, featuring a highly effective ‘Z’ profile louvre blade. Continuous, louvred screens, standing 3 metres tall, and with a length of more than 47 metres, obscure the view of unsightly plant and equipment at roof level. Two single louvred doors and a louvred double gate were integrated into the screening solutions for both buildings.

The roof screening louvres are finished in dark grey gloss powder coating, for long-lasting good looks.

For more information about this project, please visit the Forbury Place website.