February 2010

Westfield London1 200x200Westfield London, Europe’s largest urban shopping mall, benefits from an attractive and highly functional Solar Shading and Screening solution, thanks to Levolux.

The £1.7 billion retail development has regenerated a large area of West London and is proving to be one of London’s most popular places to shop. It boasts more than 265 shops, 50 restaurants and 4,500 car parking spaces contained within a 1.6 million square foot (150,000 sq m) development.

The impressive building is packed full of high specification products, finished to exacting standards under the close scrutiny of international architects, The Buchan Group. The iconic retail development features huge expanses of glazing around its entrances and at high level above public areas. To enhance the overall aesthetics of the project and help prevent excessive solar heat gain, Levolux, the UK’s leading Solar Shading specialist, was invited to develop a custom Screening and Solar Shading solution.

Westfield London2 200x200Levolux’s 9000 Fin Solar Shading system was applied externally on several elevations of the development. Levolux designed a solution on a massive scale, incorporating more than 3 kilometres of aluminium Aerofoil Fins in two widths, to create an attractive external aesthetic and to ensure the building does not succumb to excessive solar heat gain.

More than 1590 metres of horizontal fabricated aluminium Aerofoil Fins measuring 950mm wide were installed at high level around the car park entrance and above a balcony on the north facing elevation. These giant Aerofoil Fins enhance the aesthetics of the building by providing a sharp contrast with the surrounding facade, extending along the length of the building.

Westfield London3 200x200In contrast, more than 1420 metres of extruded aluminium Aerofoil Fins measuring 400mm wide were installed at high level on the east and south-west elevations. Free spanning up to 8.5 metres, the Aerofoil Fins are arranged in three rows, stretching along two adjoining elevations. In addition to creating a striking design feature, the Fins were also specified to provide shade to the glazing.

By limiting the exposure of glazed panels to direct sunlight, solar heat gain within the building is reduced. As a result, a cool, comfortable, naturally lit environment can be maintained with less need for air conditioning. This not only saves energy but reduces the overall carbon footprint of the development.

Westfield London4 200x200All Aerofoil Fins were supplied in a co-ordinated grey powder coating with a smooth satin finish that reflects the architect’s vision for a sleek, ultra-modern aesthetic.

With the help of Levolux, Westfield London continues to make a positive impression on London’s retail landscape, creating an energy-efficient, stylish and most importantly, a comfortable place in which to shop.