December 2007

St James1 200x200The new St James’ Place Headquarters, a state-of-the-art 45,000 sq ft office development in Cirencester, is fitted with a Levolux Western Red Cedar Brise Soleil external shading solution. This keeps the building cool for employees, enhances its architectural appearance and reduces solar glare.

Levolux products were the perfect way to combine the need for shading with the contemporary ‘green’ design of St James’ Place, which comprises two office wings and a three-storey linear atrium.

St James2 200x200All of the timber used for Levolux’s Louvres comes from sustainable resources, and for this application, western red cedar has been crafted into 300mm wide Fins. Western red cedar is often chosen for external applications as it is readily available, stable, relatively lightweight, and may be installed without applying additional finishes. Over time, it also takes on an attractive silvery grey colour.

St James3 200x200Contractor Moss Construction, on behalf of Stride Treglown, briefed Levolux to provide extensive shading through horizontal and vertical stacks of Fins around the exterior of the development. With many different elevations and angles to shade, Levolux were employed to provide their design expertise on how exactly to achieve optimum shading.

By using Levolux products, up to 95% of solar heat gain can be excluded from the building – allowing substantial savings in air conditioning costs, both initial capital costs and on-going running costs.

St James4 200x200The Fins are spaced so that natural daylight is still filtered into the building and exceptional outward visibility retained whilst shading the glazing.

Like all systems from Levolux, solar shading is backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

Almost 10 years following the installation, Levolux returned to work on the Phase II office development, which is located adacent to the HQ building. This provided the opportunity to inspect the original installation and to check the condition of the Western Red Cedar timber fins.

st-james5-200x200The timber fins perform the same as the day they were installed, but the ageing process has given them an attractive silver grey patina. Many will prefer the more subtle appearance.