October 2011

The Rose Bowl, in Hampshire, is being transformed into one of the best international cricket and leisure venues in the World, thanks to a £45 million development, including the application of a Levolux Solar Shading solution.

Southampton Rose Bowl1 200 x 200The first cricket ground to be awarded ‘model ground’ status by the England and Wales Cricket Board, The Rose Bowl was expanded in 2010 with the addition of two new grandstands, located at the southern end of the ground, alongside the landmark Pavilion.

Designed by EPR Architects, the two new grandstands provide improved spectator facilities, including 5,000 additional spectator seats, permanent catering and merchandising outlets. As a result of the development, the Rose Bowl now accommodates up to 25,000 spectators, which makes it one of the largest cricket grounds in the country.

Southampton Rose Bowl2 200 x 200Levolux was invited to develop a bespoke Solar Shading solution for the two new grandstands, comprising 180mm wide by 30mm thick Timber Fins, engineered from Western Red Cedar timber with no surface treatment.

Arranged horizontally, the Timber Fins are applied to south-facing elevations of the two new grandstands. Fixed to exposed steelwork, the Timber Fins extend up to a height of almost 10.5 metres and across 22 bays, each measuring almost 9.2 metres in width.

The Timber Fins not only create a naturally impressive aesthetic, obscuring the view of unsightly structures, but also provide shade to stairways, service areas and first floor windows.

Southampton Rose Bowl3 200 x 200As an effective form of external Solar Shading, the Timber Fins are proven to significantly reduce solar heat gain, particularly during the summer. This results in a building which is much less dependent on energy-sapping air conditioning.

Virtually maintenance free, the Western Red Cedar Timber Fins can be left to weather naturally, taking on an attractive silver grey colour over time. Alternatively, treatments can be applied as required.

Like all Solar Shading systems from Levolux, the Timber Fins installed at The Rose Bowl are backed by the company’s design, manufacture and installation package. In addition, Levolux only uses timber derived from sustainable sources, which is FSC certified.

Southampton Rose Bowl4 200 x 200In terms of aesthetic appeal, spectator comfort and energy efficiency, The Rose Bowl in Hampshire is in a league of its own, partly thanks to the Timber Fin Solar Shading solution, from Levolux. This has helped to establish it as a world-class sporting and entertainment venue.