February 2012

No matter how hot it gets outside, employees inside Domino’s Pizza Group’s new Headquarters building in Milton Keynes will remain cool, thanks to natural ventilation and a comprehensive Solar Shading solution, courtesy of Levolux.

Dominos HQ1 200 x 200The 2,274m2 building, which is adjacent to a recently completed Commissary facility, accommodates over 150 employees, divided between head office functions such as IT, marketing, property, procurement and finance. The visually striking building is arranged over three main floors, with a lower ground floor main entrance and a fifth floor penthouse boardroom.

To ensure the building achieved a BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) ‘Excellent’ rating, q2 architects incorporated a host of state-of-the-art features into their design, including natural ventilation, high thermal mass, night cooling, solar water heating, rainwater harvesting and Solar Shading.

Dominos HQ2 200 x 200To protect the building against excessive solar heat gain on the west elevation, helping to maintain a comfortable environment for occupants year-round, Levolux was chosen to develop a tailored Solar Shading solution. The solution comprised external sliding Timber Fin panels, with integrated timber decking and internal motorised Blinds.

In total, Levolux designed, manufactured and installed 36 Timber Fin panels, formed from Western Red Cedar, sandwiched between aluminium side plates. The panels are arranged in 12 groups of 3, distributed between the third and fourth floors, to protect the building’s full height glazing.

While the exposed front panel in each group is fixed in place, two others are manually operable, suspended from aluminium tracks overhead. The panels operate in front of, and are integrated into, two full length balconies, approximately 1.5 metres deep, formed from Balau Timber Decking.

Dominos HQ3 200 x 200The Timber Fin panels, each measuring 60mm deep and 1.9 metres wide, with a height of up to 3.5 metres, not only create an attractive, natural external aesthetic, but also provide an adjustable ventilated screen for the two balconies and provide varying degrees of shade to maintain a light, but cool internal working environment.

To complete the solution Levolux also designed and installed internal, motorised Roller Blinds throughout the building and a motorised Vertical Louvre Blind system in the fifth floor boardroom.

In total, 63 internal motorised Roller Blinds were installed across three floors, connected to an intelligent KNX control system. This allows Blinds to be controlled individually or in groups with extreme precision.

Dominos HQ4 200 x 200Intuitive wall-mounted switches provide occupants with four programmable settings, including fully open or closed and two intermediate stops. When one of these four positions is selected, all Blinds set at the same position throughout the building will be perfectly aligned, with a maximum tolerance of just 1.5mm, maintaining a seamless, co-ordinated aesthetic.

Finally, motorised Vertical Louvre Blinds were installed against curved glazing in the fifth floor boardroom and can be opened, closed or angled at the click of a switch.

All Blinds feature an attractive light grey fabric, which complements the internal decor, with a 5% openness factor to help control daylight levels while reducing glare.

The complete solution, including external Timber Fin panels, timber decking and Internal Blinds, like all other Levolux solutions, are backed by the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

Domino’s Pizza is recognised as the world’s leading pizza delivery company and like one of its culinary creations, its new headquarters building in Milton Keynes boasts quality ingredients, including a ‘tasty’ solar shading solution from Levolux.