May 2008

Woodland Grange1 200x200Manchester based architects, Stephen Hodder Architects, could count on Levolux to come up with a first class design for a Timber Solar Shading solution.

The solution has been incorporated into a £5 million extension of Woodland Grange, in Leamington Spa. It is one of the UK’s leading conference venues and a centre of excellence for health and safety training and management development.

Woodland Grange2 200x200The Levolux Solar Shading system consisted of horizontal Timber Fins fitted into 42 sliding panels. The system reduces solar heat gain through large glazed areas on three elevations, thereby reducing the need for energy-sapping air conditioning.

As a bespoke requirement, each frame of timber fins can be manoeuvred along a sliding rail to maintain optimum shading and a comfortable, cool environment.

Woodland Grange5 200x200Western Red Cedar was chosen as it is stable, relatively light in weight and may be installed without the application of any finish. Over time the wood remains highly weather resistant and adopts an attractive silver-grey patina. The system is fitted with stainless steel fixings and is corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Woodland Grange4 200x200All Levolux systems, including Timber Fins, are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package. The company’s experience in bespoke Solar Shading is second to none worldwide.